A review of the Lily – A sex toy by Lelo

April 27, 2015

Sunday, 07 April 2013


This is the best vibrator I’ve ever used, hands down (no pun intended).


I could end the review there, I suppose, but that would be a bit of a rip off, so I think I should expand a little further and attempt to substantiate my claim.


This vibrator was given to me as a deeply appreciated gift from a special regular client of mine. I wasn’t expecting it and it was extremely generous! It was something I had had my eye on for a little while and had been very keen to try, so the surprise was a most welcome one.



Lelo, the creator of luxurious and elegant vibrators Ladies who Self-Love adore, is a Swedish company which includes toys (or, as they like to call them, “Pleasure Objects”), massage oils, bedroom accessories, soy massage candles and a line of lingerie and sleepwear in the most gorgeously coloured silks. I have a few other products of theirs, including a feather tickler, blindfold, cuffs and their “personal moisturiser” (read: lubricant).


The Lily, made of a lovely velvety silicone, comes in three colours.  I have the plum, which is lovely. It comes packaged in a gorgeous, elegant black box and is accompanied by a little satin pouch, which is perfect for travel, for carrying around in your handbag, or simply for keeping safe and clean in your bedside table.  The Lily comes with a one-year warranty against any manufacturing faults as well as a 10-year quality guarantee. Also included is a charger. Lelo toys are rechargeable, using a charger instead of batteries. This eliminates the aggravation of running out of battery life mid masturbation session. I used to go through this all the time – batteries don’t last that long in second-rate sex toys. I’d be all relaxed in bed, warm and tingly, really getting into my fantasy world, on my way, trying valiantly to ignore the increasing weariness of the power of the vibe, until I’d go to turn up the power – and, after a sad, pathetic splutter, nothing. This would usually result in me angrily running to the kitchen to rifle through the bottom drawer in search of the correct battery size only to discover I have eleven triple As but no double As, and then effecting a wild household assessment of the possible location of said batteries including a desperate attempt to get the back off the remote control, attempting to access what I could only hope would be two juicy double As to transfer to my baby blue Doc Johnson soft-touch.* This, as you can imagine, tends to ruin the mood.


The only hurdle one must be able to leap is to remember to charge the toy regularly. If you forget to do this, you joyously settle into your happy place and then realise with horror that you can’t just chuck some batteries in at the last minute. The toy will not work until you have charged it. I personally keep my toy charger next to my phone charger in my bedroom. Initially I did forget to charge it, but now it’s become a habit. The Lily claims to maintain seven hours of pleasure from a two-hour charge, which is a pretty solid effort.


Of course, if I tour or travel, I must remember to take the charger with me – and remember to take it home too! On the subject of travel, the Lily can be locked. There have been more than a handful of occasions where I, having arrived at a lovely hotel, have stepped into the lift with some other random guests on my way up to my client’s room, and in the polite, slightly awkward silence…. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Somehow as I’ve pulled myself out of the taxi I’ve accidentally turned the thing on, and I have to pretend I can’t hear it, despite some curious stares. It’s transpired going through security at the airport, to several girls that I know. This has also happened to me out on a couple of dinner dates. Try “discreetly” rifling through a handbag filled with various types of condoms and a spare g-string and turning a sex toy off in a two-hatted restaurant. Classy.


So, the Lily can be locked. Holding down both the buttons for a few seconds does this. Not only does this avoid the humiliating nympho sex toy bag of tricks scenario, but it also preserves battery so when you need to whip it out, it’s ready to go.


Which is what is really matters, when it comes to a toy. Does it “go” well? The Lily: yes, it does. For such a teeny little innocuous-looking thing, it is deceptively powerful. It increases in speed and power incrementally, although I probably only go up to about halfway at the most intense, for my own preferences. The low is really low; starting from a flutter, through to a medium level deep, smooth hum, and the high is a strong, breath taking intensity.


It’s quiet too, especially if you’re using it under the covers. In which case, you can barely hear it at all. My neighbours certainly can’t hear it. (They may hear me climaxing, quite possibly, but there’s not much Lelo can do about that from all the way over in Sweden.)


Now, the Lily can also be welcomed into the couple’s boudoir. She can be the third wheel, if you want one, but with zero threat. As you can see from her shape, she sits perfectly and comfortably over the pubic mound, meaning that this toy is easy to incorporate during lovemaking. The gentleman can enjoy the sensations as well as the lady, as she uses the Lily to stimulate her clit and labia. This works beautifully not only in doggy, but in missionary and cowgirl too (although I don’t go in for too much clitoral stimulation when I’m on top, and a lot of women echo my sentiments). The almost pointy tip is sheer perfection for really directing attention to the clit, as opposed to a very round tip that doesn’t proved as much direct friction.


My only longing would be that, as a left-hander, I wish the Lily were available in a left-handed design. With the “down” button on the right, and the toy in my left hand, if I get carried away my thumb can sometimes press it by accident (which distracts me, albeit momentarily) and I want the sensation to remain constant. I would never expect the invention of a left handed Lily, of course, but I must admit it would make the Lily reach the pinnacle of perfection to have the controls reversed!


What I like to use when I’m feeling really sensually, sexually indulgent is my Lelo Lily along with my Lelo Elise 2. But that’s another story…


I recommend the Lily for ladies’ own purchase and for gentlemen looking for impressive erotic gift inspiration. It’s not cheap – it sells for $160 at Max Black in Newtown (my favourite adult store of all time). But it is an excellent quality, sexy, elegant toy that will last and will show you a really, really good time. Bzzzzzzzzzzz…..


*Now that I‘m in my thirties, there really is no place for Doc Johnson vibrators. In fact, I’m not sure there ever was.

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