Incall locations - What is important to you?

August 31, 2015

I'm really missing having my own incall space to host my lovers and I'm looking to settle into a new incall apartment again soon, and I know what I want.

However, I also want to know what YOU want. Whether you're a lover of mine or not, I'm very interested in hearing about what matters for you, from the perspective of the client. Feel welcome to comment below, or if you prefer, you can email me privately. Any opinions will be gladly received.

1. Out of the following, which are the most important to you (in order if possible)?

- Close to public transport
- Parking available
- Discreet entrance
- Large bedroom
- Air conditioning
- A luxury apartment
- Access to the living area
- Being right in the city
- Being a little out of the city
- A busy area
- A quiet area

2. What features on this list that are NOT important to you?

3. What features could you add that are important for me to think about?

4. What aspects of an incall could you name that make a “discreet entrance” for you?
5. What features, if any, would make you not want to return to a particular incall? 

Thank you for taking the time to read x

It can be very difficult to find a suitable apartment, let alone one with all the bits and pieces I want. It can be very hard, or impossible, to find a dream place unless I put my prices up! But, I'm going to do my best. It might be a bit of a wait but cross your fingers for me! 

Lara xxx


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